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Visions East, Inc. provides its customers with customized computer-controlled robotic systems for the preparation, fairing and painting of marine vessel surfaces and marine mold making.

Visions East Video Collection...

Visions East System Video

Launch Video

This video was generated with the installation of the first Visions East customer system.  The system construction was started January 2004, delivered to the customer site in August 2004 and Site Acceptance was completed October 2004.  This was the "World's First" Computer-Controlled Automated Coatings Application System ever produced.  The work envelope designed was 54 meters long, 12 meters wide and 6.5 meters tall.  The system actually was used to cut a 16 meter plug to demonstrate its process steps.

Visions East Spray Fairing Test

Launch Video

This video was assembled from tests that were performed to evaluate the capabilities of fairing compounds from multiple coatings manufacturers.  First is the testing performed with a hand-held plural component spray system and at the very end is the same plural component system on a robotic arm.  All testing was performed  WITHOUT SOLVENTS - 100% SOLIDS!

Visions East Prototype Video

Launch Video

This video contrasts the traditional manual methods with the advancement of automation.  The technology depicted was Visions East's prototype system developed as the "proof of concept" for the initial Visions East patents awarded in 2002 and 2003.  The first public showing of this video was at the Society of Marine Architects and Naval Engineers (SNAME) World Maritime Conference, San Francisco, 10/2003.

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