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The Yacht Report September 2006


Visions East Robotic Marine Solutions

Automating the Yacht Coatings Process

Imagine this...

A 60m hull can be faired and painted in less than 45 days using only a few technicians.

 ... its possible today!
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Visions East custom designs robotic coating systems for use in the marine industry.  Patented VEbotTM system technology used on mega yachts combines computer-controlled laser mapping, 100% solids epoxy spraying, CNC milling, sanding and painting systems on multi-axis platforms to efficiently produce quality results under environmentally safer conditions than traditional manual methods.  Other process steps such as weld seam inspection, coatings thickness verification or processing capabilities coming from any of the next generation of “smart tools” can be adapted for process automation with Visions East systems. “Specific task” systems for production environments such as plug and mold making or simply surface preparation and coatings application on large surfaces represent automation solutions for commercial marine and military markets.  Contact Visions East today and be part of the “Evolution in Marine Coatings Application.”


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