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Visions East Patents...

The concept of automating the coatings process was long planned.  Fundamental steps were taken in 1994 to form a company whose mission was to initiate those plans.  It was then that Visions East was incorporated and the information gathering and feasibility assessment began.  The initial patent applications were made for both the apparatus and methodology behind the concepts and after appropriate patent searches, two United States patents were first applied for in 1999 and awarded in 2002 and 2003.

Recognizing that yacht fairing and painting encompasses a world-wide market, international patent applications were also made.  Today, well over 30 countries have either awarded or have announced upcoming awards for Visions East's technological solution to fairing and painting large marine vessels.

Visions East  continues in its efforts to bring improvements in technology to the marine industry and will continue to add shareholder value through the application for patents in its designs.

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